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Prom Contract


Dear Parents or Legal Guardian, the below policies are specifically designed to help ensure your teenagers (prom) evening is enjoyable, safe and complies with applicable laws concerning teenagers.




·        Haul over the maximum capacity in limousines and 2 passengers in sedans

·        Smoke in the vehicles

·        Drink alcoholic beverages of any type in its vehicles

·        Bring alcoholic beverages of any type in its vehicles

·        Take any type of illegal drugs, while in its vehicles

·        Have any intimate relations in its vehicles

·        Hang any portion of their bodies out the windows in its vehicles

·        Vandalize its vehicles in any manner

·        Offer addition rides to passengers unrelated to the prom .


Note:   All cost for repairs or damages to STAR Limousine vehicles resulting from the activity of teenagers, shall be borne by the parents, legal guardians or signer of this contract.


Note:   In the event of any passenger in a (prom) group becomes intoxicated or under the influence of any alcoholic beverage, illegal drugs, substances, or violates any of the above activities,  STAR Limousine’s chauffeur will /wont contact the passengers parents or legal guardian as well as will or wont  notify them that the prom charter is over and that all passengers are being returned to the first point of pick-up.  In the event that for any reason the trip needs to be cancelled, the total agreed upon rental price will be charged due to our no refunds policy.  All deposits are non-refundable!!!




Star Limo LLC will not allow smoking-drugs-alcohol-horse playing-fighting-insult driver or HANG ANY PORTION OF THEIR BODIES OR INTIMATE RELATIONS .  If any of these occur, Star Limo LLC reserves the right to terminate the service immediately. If clients abuse equipment or the vehicle itself, an additional minimum $100 repair or general cleaning charge will take effect . Such decision is final & rests with the company, solely, from it's experience with unusual use or habitation. I  FULLY UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO PAY CHARGES FOR ANY EXTRA TIME OR DAMAGE MY PARTY INFLICTS DURING THE TIME I HAVE RESERVED FROM STAR LIMOUSINE SERVICE. I Have Inspected vehicle and the condition is satisfactory.             Initial ________________                     




If you have any questions concerning STAR’s (prom) policies, please call our office.  Again thank you for choosing STAR Limousine.  We look forward to assisting in helping your teen’s have a very special (prom) evening.




I have read, understood and agreed to STAR’s above-mentioned (prom) policies.






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